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Ceremony Sound Reording
(Only applies to those booking a deluxe cinematography package) In order to get the best possible audio recording from your ceremony keep in mind the following options. 1. A recording device (iPhone) is placed inside the grooms jacket pocket and a small black lav mic is pinned to the front of the jacket. 2. If you are not wearing a jacket the same process can be done by putting the recording device (iPhone) in the inside pocket of the pants and running the wire and lav mic to clip up through the grooms shirt. 3. Same sex marriage or not wearing shirt/jacket??... I will contact your celebrant and see if they will wear the mic :) If none of the above options are possible then the sound will be recorded solely through the cameras inbuilt recording system. (This may result in unwanted background noise and quiet vocal sound)
Agreement *
*The initial payment contains a $500 non-refundable booking fee to secure your wedding date. *BXCSMXTH Productions retains copyright to this film production and by agreeing to this contract you give permission for BXCSMXTH Productions to use any footage or still images for promotional purposes as it sees fit. *Completion is scheduled to take place no later than 3 months after your wedding date. I will keep you informed on your videos/photos progress and aim to get it delivered to you as quick as possible. *BXCSMXTH productions has a backup cinematographer & photographer available in the unforeseen event that Rebecca is unable to attend your wedding. In the unlikely situation where BXSCSMTH is unable to film your wedding, you will be given a full refund of fees paid.