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What time are you aiming to be back at the reception after photos to see your guests?
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The best way to record sound during the ceremony is with a Lav mic. This is a microphone that is connected to an iPhone. The iPhone sits in the Grooms jacket pocket, a small black microphone then clips on the front of the grooms jacket.
if you have any music that you would love to be included in your video be sure to let me know. If not I will get a feel for what you guys like on the day and pick something amazing that is suited to both our styles :)
Please let me know if there is any other important information or request you have for your big day. If you know what time frame you would like me to capture with either your 4 or 8-hour package please let me know. We can capture these hours consecutively whenever you want. If you know what time the photographer is beginning in the morning and would like me to shoot alongside them then that is fine too. DELUXE 8 hours Typically in the morning for the 8-hour package, we would start with the boys for 30 minutes and then head to the girls for 1 hour and leave just before the girls to the ceremony to set up. Sometimes couples would prefer we stay later into the night to get more dancing and instead of going to the boys beforehand they get us to capture only girls prep and then capture the boys pre ceremony - its completely up to you just let us know what your thinking or ask for a hand if you need help deciding. SHORT AND SWEET 4 hour package - Depending on locations and whether you want more of the reception or prep captured will determine when we start on your day. Typically though most 4-hour package end after the sunset photo session and before the reception. Capturing either both boys and girls prep or just the girls.
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Date of Event