WOHOOOO You’re getting married!!

Hellllllo lovely people, I’m so so excited that you have decided to book in with Bxcsmxth for your wedding day!! Congrats on such an exciting time and for getting this far in your planning already. I know that the planning process can be a bit daunting so I have made this page for you to hopefully help out with a bit of it. It’s just a few tips and tricks I have learnt along the way that I thought might come in handy.
Take from this as much or as little as you like, the most important thing is that the day represent the two fo you!

I can’t wait to meet you guys and capture your love story :)


Engagement session

An option before the day is to get an engagement shoot together. I think this is an awesome idea for couples to do for a few reasons - First being that its just really nice to have photos together when you are completely being yourselves, dressed in your normal clothes hangout at home or at the park/beach/waterfall/your van/favrestaurant/hiking…. whatever represents the two fo you the most. Its not very often that you get the opportunity to get beautiful professional photos together and what better time then for your engagement!!  Seconldyyyyy it tends to make the whole photo experience on the wedding day way more easy for you guys. I think this is because we have already met before I follow you around all day at your wedding haha, so hopefully it will just feel like i'm another friend there taking your snap. You will understand better what to do and how easy the process can be if you just let go and be yourselves. Also you would have already seen your engagemnt photos and how incredible you both look in them together so you will have more confidence on the day that the pictures are going to be fab! It tends to let couples feel more relaxed and not worry about it before the day when they already know what to expect from the shoot!

keep in mind that I offer both photo and video coverage for wedding days, so if you have me booked in for your video and not photos that is totally fine!! I would recommend booking this engagement shoot in with your photog instead of me however if that is the case :)

Looking for other suppliers? 

I find wedding blogs incredibly helpful for this! Some of my favourites local ones are:  Hello May, The Brides Tree & The Lane I have also complied a list of recommended suppliers that I love in the wedding biz - Link here >>> http://www.bxcsmxth.com

Wedding Day Timeline

This one can be tricky and a bit daunting when you're organise the day. I think my first tip would be not to cram to much into the day if you can help it. It is pretty common for things to go wrong, people to be late, something to go missing….. the list goes on! Is a wedding and its normal so you want to make it as stress free as possible.

1. Kudos if you can find a venue where you can have your ceremony and reception all the the same place or at least close by to each other - this definitely cant always be the case but is something I would personal try and do for my own day as it makes the whole day far less stressful and less likely for things to run behind or go wrong when it is all at the same place.

2. Lighting…. This is a big one for both the ceremony and bridal portraits afterwards.
During your ceremony the most unflattering light is uneven lighting. Try and avoid this where possible, ideally you want to be in full shade or if its an afternoon wedding have the light behind you evenly. In most cases you can angle the ceremony so that you both are in the shade or have even light on your faces. When you are in uneven light you can expect your images to have blown out bits and dark shadow bits on either of your faces. Being in the shade is also really nice so you can be fully focused on what is going on during the time not worrying about sweating and squinting to see each other. Again this is not always something you have control over so if there’s nothing you can do about it don’t worry it will all work out just fine but as long as your aware that the images wont have that super dreamy look to them in uneven lighting situations.

Example of even vs uneven ceremony lighting

Bridal portraits and couple portraits. Usually these will take place after the ceremony (Unless you have opted for a first look). The most ideal time to do this images is in the your before sunset, finishing just on sunset.

When possible if you're planning you ceremony timing I like the use this rule of thumb and have the ceremony 2 or 2 and a half hours before sunset.

For example I have written the below time line on a day where the Sunset is at 5.00pm. When possible I want to be shooting the couple portraits and bridal party photos in the hour leading up to Sunset.

When the sunset late on wedding days this can be almost impossible so I always try and steal eh couple from the reception for 5-10 minutes to get a few photos during golden hour :)

2.30pm - 3.00pm Ceremony
3.00pm - 3.15pm Congratulations from guest
3.15 pm - 3.40pm Group Photo & Family Photos ( Time here depending on how big your family is and if you want a group photo)
3.40pm - 3.50pm Bridal Party and Couple leave for bridal shots. it can be good to have some nibbles / drinks here for yourself and your bridal party to
wonder around with during this section of the day. Your guest will probably be having cocktail hour and you don’t want to miss out on the yummy food and drinks.
4.00pm 5.00pm I think anywhere from 30minutes - 1 hour is suitable for this part of the day. Some of my couples want to get it over and done with as quick as possible and others just love this part, it’s up to you how long you guys want to spend taking photos so you just have to let me know before the day so I know where your head is at. Also take into account whether we need travel time to get to a different location or if your happy doing it all on site. take into account the size of your bridal party here also for how long we will need. Another thing some couples like to do here is spend the last bit of this shoot without the bridal party and just focus on the two of you. The day goes so quickly and this will probably be the only time where its just the two of you together the whole day.

If you have me booked for the Deluxe package 8 hour typically I will start at the boys stay there for half hour and then head to the gils prep for final makeup and dress putting on then head to the cemroeny about 15 minutes before you in order to get there in time for the reception.

A typical timeline